Monad | ABOUT US


Transforming ordinary into extraordinary is an art. We at Monad Designs are masters of that art. For over 26 years, our love for design has brought a profound change in the interiors of various commercial and residential establishments across the country.

Beginning our eventful journey in the early 90s, the time when interior designing was making its inroads into the psyche of the Indian public, Monad designs took careful yet convincing steps in carving our own unique niche in the industry. The path we marched on was exciting and satisfying, for it allowed us to practice what we believed in, without compromises. Since early days, we strived to present our clients more than their expectation and took pleasure in seeing their elated response. Through combining requirements and our propensity to experiment, we bring to life a concoction of functionally feasible and aesthetically pleasing designs.

We believe that evidence of our effort comes to fore and makes a grand statement of its own. It’s a universally accepted fact that any design is at the mercy of perception, therefore involving client in every step of the process forms a key aspect in our functioning, enabling us to steer the entire process smoothly, without shattering hopes or presenting any unwanted surprises.

We welcome you to navigate this website to find out more about us.