“..ARCHITECTURE, my friends, is a great Art based on two cosmic principles: Beauty and Utility.”, – Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

At Monad Designs, we combine the two entities – utility and beauty, in equal measures, to design a facade that not only stands the test of time but also defines it. Our omniscient architects are passionate of their craft and persevering of the quality delivered, making us a unique bunch in the industry.

Interior Design

When flamboyance of the exterior amazes you, we intend to compliment it with sophisticated interiors. Designed to evoke, impress and inspire, our ideas can be world apart, yet unite to serve a common purpose – to make those who are in the midst of it feel happy. Once the idea is conceived and confirmed, we immerse ourselves in the realm of execution. And we do that with a keen sense of righteousness to the task in hand. To us the end does justify the means, however, we take care of every minute inkling as we tread along.


Without being didactic or pretentious, we offer consulting services that work. With rapt attention, we soak in the requirements and retort with useful advice and recommendations that is both compatible and affordable for the client. Our industrial maturity equips us to think from both architect and user perspective, thus offering solutions without any prejudice. All our consultants are people-person. They go the extra mile making the client feel at ease and put in the same effort irrelevant of the scale and scope of the enquiry. To us, offering interior designing solutions is just the beginning, if need arises, we parley with architects and oversee the entire process, until its successful completion.